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 Tale of Two Sexes: She Said
Good bed behavior a must
I can deal with snoring. I can deal with giving up three-quarters of my warm, velvet comforter to someone else. I can even handle washing the drool stains off my pillowcase the next day.
 Tale of Two Sexes: He Said
Mind your bedroom manners, please
Most of us are usually a little light-headed after a killer bout of the butterchurn and we have a tendency to say or do stupid things. These actions can make or break us, therefore


The New Pornographers
The new kids in cyberspace are a bunch of pierced, tattooed girls who listen to the Postal Service and don't eat animal flesh. Oh, yeah, and they're naked, too. "I love this photo because I look like a huge bitch,Ó reads an entry from model Katie's journal on The photo Katie is referring to is a deer-in-the-headlights shot of herself with a gag dangling beneath her chin and her breasts bound by black electrical tape.



Going Batty
He huddled in the relative safety of a dark, damp cave. When startled by a trio of teenagers, he fought back the only way he knew how Ð with his razor-sharp fangs. Upon being subdued and taken into custody, the creature was transferred to a cage at the office of a local veterinarian. What is this thing?

Piping hot
Scranton's Bill White makes Irish music his bag
It may be hard to believe, but some people in the area don't equate St. Patrick's Day with getting sloshed on Guinness beer and Jameson whiskey and passing out in a cozy corner on Linden Street.

Benson bops
REVIEW WILKES-BARRE - George Benson is smooth. He plays the guitar like he was born with one in his hands, and he sings with soul. His music combines pop, jazz, funk and R&B, and he has a truckload of awards to show for it.

Beyond Beauty
Question: With allergy season approaching, sinus congestion becomes a daily problem for me. Are there any treatments available for sinus relief? Andrea L. , West Pittston Answer: Dear Andrea: Thanks for asking such a relevant question. This much awaited spring season brings newness and beauty, but unfortunately it also brings allergy symptoms for many people. We at the Sapphire do offer a treatment that can provide allergy and sinus help known as ear candling. Centuries old, candling continues to be used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. A paraffin cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit at the opposite end to create a slow vacuum. Discomfort, old earwax, sinus blockages and toxins are removed. This helps to relieve pressure, wax buildup and inner ear discomfort. A deeply relaxing facial massage sequence is performed during the entire candling process to direct blockages toward the ear so they can be removed. The procedure is soothing and has provided great relief for many sinus sufferers. Try ear candling this allergy season and experience spring like never before.

For the kids
Have no plans for April 28? Now you do, we hope. Last week, we officially announced "Concert For A Cause II: A Benefit Show for the Children's Service Center.Ó The annual charity concert is a continuation of last year's ÒConcert For A Cause,Ówhich benefited V.I.S.I.O.N., and ÒConcert for Karen,Ó which took place from 1999-2002 and aided the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Book 'em Cliffy
"The Bookman's PromiseÓ by John Dunning (Simon & Schuster) You'd think that after retiring from the Denver police force and opening his own antiquarian book shop, former detective Cliff Janeway would be entitled to a little peace, right? How exciting (or dangerous) can running a used bookshop be?

Down to a dozen
What do Kelly Clarkson, Reuben Studdard and Clay Aiken all have in common? All three have stepped out of the shadows of obscurity and into the limelight thanks to a nifty, not so little TV vehicle known as "American Idol.Ó

Right on cue
If you've ever watched any of those ESPN pool tournaments where the player closes his eyes, ties his hands behind his back and banks the ball off every corner before sinking his shot and thought, "Damn!Ó, then you're in luck.

Glove-ly Attire
I am by far, not a fan of the appearance of my hands. Do not get me wrong; they're not distorted or grotesque. They simply do not possess the feminine qualities I seek for in a hand. My fingers are not long and thin and they do have the dainty overall look I prefer. But, they're my hands.

SegreGAYtion Nation
In Greenville, TN, signs hang over restrooms that say "straight men" and "straight women," and "gay men" and "lesbians.Ó In certain parts of Florida, if a man kisses another man he has to offer up his seat on a bus to a man who kisses a woman.

Shoot Like a Pro
If you're one of those shooters that swears they play better when they're drunk, Allen Hopkins, who is considered one of professional billiard's greatest players ever, has some advice for you. And he knows what he's talking about, trust us.

Starr report
Houston we have a problem According to reports from the Associated Press, Whitney Houston has checked into a Rehab clinic. Her publicist refuses to confirm the story, but released a a statement thanking fans for their support. Her husband, Bobby Brown, was sentenced last month to 60 days in jail for hitting Whitney in the face, which left the singer with a bruised cheek and a cut lip.

Where is the best place to go on a first date?
Aaron Bonito, 20, Dallas "A nice picnic in the park under the stars is very romantic.Ó Ted Yanus, 21, Wyoming ÒThe movies- because it puts you in the dark with the other person.Ó Angela Lovett, 21, Augusta, Georgia

Depp, but not profound
"Secret WindowÓ PG-13 Columbia Pictures Running Time 1:50 (Previews to Credits) ÒI, RobotÓ Will Smith Coming Soon ÒThe VillageÓ William Hurt Sigourney Weaver Joaquin Phoenix Adrien Brody Coming Soon ÒThe Prince and MeÓ Julia Stiles Coming Soon Will your date cry? Only if she has a penchant for cheating, and sees you taking notes.

Green day
James Leary is nearly out of a job. The silver-haired Irish-American sat at a table in the Kingston bar which bears his family's name two days before St. Patrick's Day. "My only responsibility here is to change that sign,Ó James deadpanned while raising his arm and extending his index finger at a small green plaque on the north wall of the inside of the establishment.

ÓWhere It All BeginsÓ Jared Campbell
Given the penchant of young artists to become either hip-hoppers or hard rockers Jared Campbell is a bit of an anomaly.The 21-year old writes lyrics that are generally positive, sings clearly and thanks God on his EP.

ÓSageÓ Sage
Emerging from the cerebral town of New Hope, Pennsylvania comes a band as diverse as the many shops and galleries that line the Main Street of its hometown. Sage's self-titled debut album (recorded in front of a live audience at Sweet Creek Studios, Ottsville, PA), offers two discs packed to the brim with upbeat grooves sure to make you move your body.

ÓBeneath Medicine TreeÓ Copeland Rating: B
Florida-based quartet Copeland has done something that's not too typical in music today. They start off their latest Militia Group Records release, "Beneath Medicine Tree," with a simple piano ballad. Just a piano and singer Aaron March's plaintive voice singing about mending hearts and reassembling a damaged relationship. Where many bands would hit you with their strongest upbeat rocker to grab your attention, Copeland takes a simpler approach and comes off with a much more impressive opening fanfare.

All about the voice
Josh Groban's vocals are certified platinum
For Josh Groban it begins, and ends, with The Voice. That can be both a good and a bad thing. "I'm a regular guy. A lot of people assume because I sing this kind of music, I must be aloof and 'I probably wouldn't want to talk to him.' They assume this kind of music is aloof," the artist explains from his Los Angeles home. "I hang with guys in rock bands most of the time. I'm a regular 22-year-old guy. This is the voice I have."

Legends at the Kirby
Men who have made music history play Parade weekend
Classy Crosby WILKES-BARRE - For a while last week, it looked like David Crosby might not be coming to the F.M. Kirby Center on Sunday. But despite being busted on charges of gun and marijuana possession, the show went on as planned, much to the delight of the 700 or so Crosby faithful.