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Stir Fry Festival

       Our shows at the Stir Fry Festivals 2010 and 2011 were great!  Thanks for coming out- there's a video of Bob Jerome, and full audio of the show available.  Special Thanks to Mike Norton from for the video, audio and some photos.  Also check out the photo slideshow by Kyra Bergen Lee Shore.

       SAGE AT JOHN & PETER'S- HOLIDAY SHOW 2011  We'll be doing an all out Holiday spectacular on Friday, December 23rd, 2011.  Our favorite venue- always a good time.

       SAGE ARCHIVE RELEASES 2009  Sage has posted 3 shows on part of our continuing Sage Archive series.  First, going all the way back to 2000, Sage's demo Live at Sweetcreek- a journey down memory lane.  Next, our Red Cross Benefit at McGuinn's from 9/14/01- an 80 minute 4 song first set!  And finally, the show everyone's been asking about, Jam at the Grove 3.  Previously highlighted shows include Conduit from April 7th, 2006, probably the finest quality show we have ever released- a full 24 track mixdown of the live concert.  And who can forget the historic 'Super Mario Brothers' Halloween show from 2003!  Enjoy!

       SAGE NEWS ARCHIVE:  We recently posted a full archive of Sage news from 2000-2006.  Go back and see the history of the band from it's fledgling beginnings to the last time we played!

       SAGE ON CABLE ON DEMAND- NATIONAL TELEVISION- AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2006:  SAGE appeared on the music television network CONCERT from August 15th - September 15th, available in 15 million homes in over 50 markets!!!!  CONCERT is a FREE on demand television network that programs memorable performances, compelling documentaries and unique originals for subscribers of Comcast, Cox, Adelphia, Charter and many other digital cable services.  For more info, check out the CONCERT web site at

       The above video for 'Up From Below' was available for all Digital Cable subscribers in the entire Eastern US- millions of people!  The video, now archived on YouTube is a live version of the song from our concert at Conduit on April 4th produced by Sage and our dear friends at Tif, Orly, and Chris at and without whom the video would have never been made.


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