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       SAGE SPRING REUNION 2010  Had a blast at the reunion show!  It was so much fun to see everyone.  Hopefully we'll be doing it again real soon!

       SAGE REUNION CONCERTS- MARCH 7th & 8th 2009! Plans are now set for back to back Sage Reunion Concerts!  First, we're doing a special show at Joe's Mill Hill in Trenton, NJ on Saturday, March 7th.  Next, we are heading down to John & Peter's on Sunday, March 8th in New Hope, PA.  Most importantly, for the first time since our break, we are happy to announce that Marc Gallo is joining us for these shows!  That's right- Tim Nayfield, Gabe Rohmann, Dave Ryden, Chris Bizzarro and Marc Gallo will be performing together throughout the weekend- we're psyched! 

       SAGE: THE 'LOST ALBUM'  We have unearthed our first real studio album project that was lost in late 2001 due to a hard drive implosion.  All of the final tracks were recovered, and Tim is busy mixing and mastering this timepiece for distribution at the reunion shows this March!  Over 7 years later, this album will finally see the light of day!!

       BRAND NEW SAGE ARCHIVE RELEASES:  Sage has posted 3 new shows on part of our continuing Sage Archive series.  First, going all the way back to 2000, Sage's demo Live at Sweetcreek- a journey down memory lane.  Next, our Red Cross Benefit at McGuinn's from 9/14/01- an 80 minute 4 song first set!  And finally, the show everyone's been asking about, Jam at the Grove 3.  Previously highlighted shows include Conduit from April 7th, 2006, probably the finest quality show we have ever released- a full 24 track mixdown of the live concert.  And who can forget the historic 'Super Mario Brothers' Halloween show from 2003!  Enjoy!

       SAGE ON CABLE ON DEMAND- NATIONAL TELEVISION- AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2006:  SAGE appeared on the music television network CONCERT from August 15th - September 15th, available in 15 million homes in over 50 markets!!!!  CONCERT is a FREE on demand television network that programs memorable performances, compelling documentaries and unique originals for subscribers of Comcast, Cox, Adelphia, Charter and many other digital cable services.  For more info, check out the CONCERT web site at

       The above video for 'Up From Below' was available for all Digital Cable subscribers in the entire Eastern US- millions of people!  The video, now archived on YouTube is a live version of the song from our concert at Conduit on April 4th produced by Sage and our dear friends at Tif, Orly, and Chris at and without whom the video would have never been made.

       March 2006: Sage is pleased to welcome Chris Bizzarro as the new permanent lead guitarist.  An amazingly agile lead player, Chris adds power and aggression to Sage's sound.  His experience on the instrument is evident in his quick hands and furious solo stylings.  We're glad to have him aboard!

       SAGE WELCOMES SPECIAL GUESTS ON STAGE:  Guitarist Chris Bizzarro played with Sage March 3rd and 4th up in Killington, VT at Nightspot/Outback.  He also jumped up on stage with Sage on Friday February 10th at Mexicali Blues.  This was our first time meeting him and playing with him!  Also that night, Nick Setteducato and Ed Fritz from Scarecrow Collection joined in for El Viaje and Up From Below.  In January at John & Peter's, guitarist Steve Bulman joined Sage for 2 exploratory sets of music.

       FROM THE BAND- January 2006:  After years of work and hundreds of shows, Sage finds itself at the crossroads.  This is a time of change for the band as we part ways with our friend and guitarist, Marc Gallo.  Simply put, we find ourselves moving in different directions musically and creatively.  It has been an emotional time for us, but we feel it necessary for Sage to make this change and look forward to the new horizon.  None of our successes would have been possible without the love and support of the Sage family- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Sage will continue to play live, record, and spread the music forever!  Our next few shows are going to blow the lid off of what you've come to expect as Sage.  We've got a few friends lined up to help us out- suffice to say you will not be disappointed!  These shows promise to be one of a kind events, and will help redefine Sage for the future.  Come be our guest and share in the journey!


       ALBUM RELEASE SHOWS- November 2005:  Our album release show at Conduit was a blast!  We also did a special ALL AGES show at The Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA with a full horn section!  It's just 15 minutes from Doylestown, and less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia.  If you attended last year's Main Street Theater show you know what we have in store- full light show and amazing quality sound.

       UP FROM BELOW PRESS- Fall 2005  Read a great review of the album in the web edition of Glide Magazine!  Check out Pulse Weekly for another review of 'Up From Below'.  The band was also featured in the December 2nd edition of Easton Express-Times.

       'UP FROM BELOW- ALBUM OF THE YEAR?  'Up From Below' was chosen as one of the year's 100 best albums on cast your vote for Sage to be in the top 5!

       JAM AT THE GROVE- 10/8/05: Jam at the Grove was an amazing experience despite the inclement weather!  We raged through the raindrops!  Special thanks to The Happy Dog, Sinking Ship, James Seward, Wineskin, Karen Krajacic, and Rusty for playing the show!  To everyone that attended- we did our best to bring you a rock show- you are the ultimate troopers for braving the elements- you are the reason we do this.  Thanks to Joe and Marita, and everyone on the Jam Staff for being so together.  SEE YOU IN THE SPRING!

       HURRICANE RELIEF BENEFIT- 9/11/05: Sage was part of a very successful benefit concert on Sunday, September 11th. Big thanks to Conduit, Roland Pott, and Roxanne Klett for organizing and raising money for The Red Cross!

       Sage Side Projects & New Sage Album- Fall 2004 - Fall 2005:  Sage went back into the studio to record their new album, and took some time off.  Gabe, Marc, Tim, and Tree love to play together, but also enjoy working with others on various musical projects.  From time to time, shows are scheduled that feature one or more of the band members with a different group.  Gabe and Tree have been playing regularly with old buddies Rob Cortina (guitar) and Jesse Kaminski (vocals) in Juicebox- the undisputed heavyweight champions of funk.  Tim has put together an all-original power trio with Ken Peterson (drums) and Ed (bass) called The Tim Nayfield Rock Trio as an outlet for many of his non-Sage compositions.  Gabe has also been playing drums with Mantenna a dark live-electronica band out of Philadelphia featuring John Plunkett- bassist from Robots In Disguise.  These shows and any last-minute live collaborations or spontaneous jams will now be listed here on!

       Summer/Early Fall 2004: Sage played a political benefit at The George School (10/1) in Newtown, PA on Friday, October 1st as part of the fund raising rally 'A Stronger America - Unity Concert' sponsored by Bucks For Kerry.  Also on the bill were: The Swing States Band who recently toured the country with Howard Dean, LisaBeth Weber, and comedians Nick Baker and Chris Rich.  Over $4000 was raised to support the 2004 Presidential campaign of John Kerry and John Edwards.  To round out the end of the summer, we did a show as part of the Off the Calendar Music Series at Hamilton, NJ's Grounds For Sculpture (8/27) a 33 acre sculpture garden full of life-size paintings/sculptures by the likes of Renior, Manet and Monet.  It was an inspiration- thanks to all who came out, we will definitely be back!  McGuinn's (8/20) was a great homecoming show- maybe our last ever there?  Sage at Coventry! We played 2 sets Friday and Saturday night (8/14, 8/15) and passed out 2000 copies of our 5 song Summer 2004 Sampler!  The sampler included Red Octagon, El Viaje, Word Up!, a cover of Pink Floyd's Pigs (Three Different Ones), and a live version of Colorado recorded June 25th at The Great Bamboozle in Asbury Park, NJ.  If you got one of these cds, let us know what you think by signing the guestbook or shooting us an email!  Also, don't forget to join the mailing list- we'll be to your town shortly!  The benefit for the Jersey Jams Fund at Havana in New Hope rocked, although our set was delayed...  The trip to the The Electric Company (7/16) in Utica, NY and The Clear River Tavern (7/17) in Pittsfield, VT was a blast- great 2 set shows at each venue.  Thanks for coming out to Conduit (7/9) for the 'Sage with Horns' show!  Chris (Saxophone) and Patrick (Trumpet) really rocked out- the show will be available shortly on  The roof was on fire at Gerenser's Ice Cream on the 4th of July- thanks for coming out- we had an awesome time.  The Thursdays at John & Peter's (7/1) have been awesome- thanks for coming out!  McGuinn's (6/26) was amazing- look for the show on the archive soon!  Sage on TV?!  Sage was featured in June/July 2004 on Patriot Media's Community Corner- a 30 minute talk show hosted by Rick Adams and shown on NJ's Patriot8.  We rocked the Stonehenge Music Festival from 2:30 until 6 in the morning!!  The sunrise set was truly inspirational- as was playing in Kellyburg, PA with Splintered Sunlight, Juggling Suns, Nomadic Design, Scarecrow Collection & many more!  Our first show at Mexicali Blues Cafe (6/17) in Teaneck was a great night of music- playing with Nero and Jones.  Despite the inclement weather, The Great Bamboozle (6/5) turned out to be an amazing experience!  Killer to play with the likes of moe. and Galactic as well as local Asbury Park favorites- the acoustic jam at the Berkeley also rocked.  We threw down at John & Peter's (6/3) once again!


The Main Street Theatre

The Stone Pony





The Fire
       Spring 2004: Our CD became available for digital download (individual song or entire album) on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Lindows, AudioLunchbox, BuyMusic, DiscLogic, MusicMatch, NetMusic, MusicNet, Emusic,, Etherstream, Music4Cents, QTRnote, TriaSite, Pure Tracks, CatchMusic, Sony Connect, and Viztas Digital Marketplace- only 99 cents a song!  Sage was part of a FREE live mp3 compilation disc called Hello, My Name is Jamband offered through Hamilton College's WHCL 88.7 FM Groove Traffic Control website.  You can download a live version of Edna along with tracks from 7 other bands- The Duo, Garaj Mahal, Om Trio, The Slip, Lotus, Townhall, and Cadillac Jones.  Our spring shows rocked!  We can't tell you how awesome it was at John & Peter's (5/20) with the 2nd set songs chosen by you guys!  Playing in Princeton again at Princeton Public Library's Grand Opening Celebration (5/15) was a treat- great to play outdoors!  Triumph Brewery (5/8) was also nice- JCSC didn't make it, but we had a great time anyway!  Cinco de Mayo at The Pontiac Grille (5/5) rocked- nice to play with The Kwait Brothers once again.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at The Main Street Theatre in Quakertown, PA on May 1st!  Special Thanks to The Happy Dog, Strangers Helping Strangers, Ken, Jason, Scott, Sarah, Jill, Arielle, Kenny P., The Horn Effect (Chris & Chris), and everyone who helped out- you're the best!  Cool show at McGuinn's (4/23).  60 minute straight seguefest in the 2nd set- download available now on!  The Bluetone Cafe (4/15) in Easton, PA is our new favorite venue!  Amazing show at The Stone Pony (4/3) with The Zen Tricksters!  It was great to play with Jones, Rich Cox Band, and Pumastrut for the Jam-Packed CD/DVD release (4/2)There was an article on Sage in the Allentown Morning Call (4/29/04).  Our CD was reviewed in the Lehigh Valley's Pulse Weekly (4/21/04)!  Vermont was beautiful!  Friends at The Clear River Inn & Tavern (3/27) welcomed us with open arms.  Our first time at The Sterling Hotel (3/25) in Allentown, PA was a blast.  It was fun to play with Spirit Island and Swagger.  It's our first show in Allentown- hope to see you there!  Also No encore, but Triumph Brewery (3/20) in New Hope was fun anyway.  Sage music from 3/17/04 and 3/20/04 are now available at download in .shn and .mp3 or even stream the shows!  McGuinn's was great- thanks to The Happy Dog for opening the show!  Tomorrow- Special thanks to Tom for having us up to the The River Street Jazz Cafe (3/18)- and to all those who braved the storm!  Sage's CD was reviewed in the The Weekender (3/17/04), a Northeast Pennsylvania entertainment paper- check it out! St. Patrick's Day at John & Peter's (3/17) in was great- thanks to Matt Taylor for opening the show.  The live radio spot & interview on Sharin' in the Groove (3/10) kicked ass.  Special thanks to Aj, host of that great 88.5 WVOF radio program in Fairfield, CT.  The Sage Interview from WVOF 88.5 Fairfield University is now up!  Click here to listen, or visit the music page for a download!  Back in New Hope, our shows at Havana (3/6) and at Triumph Brewery (3/5) rocked!  Great to play again at Conduit with The Zen Tricksters (2/25).  Friday the 13th at John & Peter's (2/13) was pure energy!  Guitarist and songwriter Heather G opened- she was great!  Our show at Conduit (2/12) with The John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic was out of hand!  Great to warm up the stage for these guys!  Check out the photo slideshows from Conduit February 25th with The Zen Tricksters, and also from our show February 12th with The John Popper Project!  Gotta thank Zee for last Saturday at The Electric Company (2/7).  Zac from A440 sat in on keys during EdnaThe Pontiac Grille (2/5) with The Marco Benevento & Joe Russo Duo was hot!  Scott Metzger of Rana sat in with them for a full Zeppelin set!  The suprise 3 set show at Joe's Mill Hill (1/17) was a perfect time to debut some of our newest originals.


       Sage Appears On Compilation DVD/CD!  The project Jam-Packed is a compilation CD and DVD organized by Media 51.  It consists of music performed and recorded at The Whiskey Bar in Hoboken, NJ in October 2003.  The project was produced by Grammy-Award-winning Engineer John Seymour.  The CD contains live versions of Edna and El Viaje (MISLABELED AS "TOO MUCH"?$%^!), while the DVD has a multi-camera video version of Edna.  It is now available on CDBaby for the low price of $12 for either.  The videos are now up- click on the images below to view in RealAudio format!

       Fall/Winter 2003: Sage was featured in Hittin the Note Magazine for the Fall 2003 issue!  Our HOLIDAY RUN of shows rocked!  No repeats in 3 days, besides the 4 song encore Monday night at Joe's Mill Hill (12/29)  Sunday night at John & Peter's (12/28) was comfy as always and Saturday at The Country Tavern (12/27), well, had great food!.  Our show at Maxwell's in Hoboken (12/26) with Addison Groove Project turned out to be a great after-Christmas treat!  It was also fun to meet DJ Motion Potion from San Francisco.  We had a great time at Triumph Brewery (12/20) in New Hope.  Amazing to see all the support at this new venue!  Boardie Night at The Fire (12/19) kicked ass!  Thanks so much to special guests Scarecrow Collection, Acoustic Mystic, and members of Nomadic Design.  The late night jam ruled!  Check out the pictures from our show at The Fire on 12/19/03!  Triumph Brewery (12/13) was crazy chaotic- JCSC in the house!  Sage was featured in the Saturday, December 13th issue of the Courier News!  Thanks to Bob Makin of Jersey Jams for writing this article. We had a cool time playing 3 sets at our Pre-Thanksgiving show at Triumph Brewery (11/26).  Joe's Mill Hill (11/20) rocked!  Our old friends Happy Dog opened the show- they were great!  Halloween at McGuinn's (10/31) was tons of fun!  The band dressed as Super Mario Brothers characters and the themes from the games dominated the evening's setlists.  Triumph Brewery (10/18) was tremendous- we were able to stretch out a bit musically and enjoy the good atmosphere in glorious New Hope, PA.  Great to see all the smiling faces at PhanPhest (10/11).  Special thanks to Drew for putting together the show.  Tim and Gabe among others sat in with Nomadic Design during their improvisational set.  Check out the festival website for pictures in the upcoming weeks.  Our yearly trip to ConorFest (10/4) was a blast!  Happy birthday Conor!  Our show at The Stone Pony (9/26) with Splintered Sunlight was great- thanks Kyle!  We had an amazing time in Utica, NY at The Electric Company- special thanks to Zee for being Zee, Jerkwater Ruckus, and the Sage crew for making the journey.  Our shows at The Berwyn Tavern (9/13) and The Country Tavern (9/12) were cool.  We'll definitely be heading back to the Berwyn in the near future- good vibes from the owner and the locals.  John & Peter's (9/6) rocked- we had an awesome time.

       Summer 2003: We made our triumphant return to The Stone Pony (8/30)- Bugg, Pocket Schwa, Rerun and Soundvibe made this a fun night.  We played at a new live music joint in Trenton, NJ called Club 14 (8/29)- Odis and Jones were also on th bill.  Our show at Kelly's (8/23) was great!  Special thanks to our 'mystery acoustic opener'- Drew & Tom!  Marley's Ale House (8/15) was a lot of fun- Scott did an awesome recording- email us for a FREE copy.  It was a blast to celebrate Tree's Birthday at Triumph Brewery (8/7)- nice to finally play in Princeton too!  Our set at the 11th annual HexFest (7/26) was awesome- great people, great vibes and a ton of great music including The Recipe and Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root.  It was cool playing outdoors and partying down at Kristy's House (7/12) - happy graduation Kristy and Brett!  Our last minute John & Peter's (7/10) show turned out to be a great time and an exploratory show!  The Fourth of July Celebration (7/4) was amazing!  Special thanks to Gerenser's Ice Cream Shop and the Independent Merchant's Association for having us play on the roof once again!  Although it was an unusual night, John & Peter's (6/27) went great!  The Whiskey Bar (6/24) with Pumastrut rocked- hopefully we'll be back to Hoboken soon!  Stonehenge Music Festival (6/21) was wet but great!  Big ups to Mug, the soundguys, and all the kind folks in attendance for perservering through the harsh weather.

       Spring 2003:  In April 2003, Sage released their self-titled debut album, a double CD set with 18 original songs.  The Country Tavern (5/30) proved a nostalgic show- we hadn't been back there in over a year and a half!  We headed back to Da Funky Phish in Bay Shore, NY (5/24) to play with a band called The Electrix.  Special thanks to Mike and Roe for putting us up and making that great breakfast- kindness like that only comes once in a great while!  Sage was proud to be a part of a benefit concert for Warchild Canada at Hopewell Valley Central High School (5/23).  The organization spearheads humanitarian efforts in war-affected countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East- War Child Canada is assisting thousands of children and youth in some of the most devastated areas on earth.  McGuinn's (5/16) was a blast- thanks for coming out!  We traveled out to Spring Fest (5/10) in Connellsville, PA.  Thanks to 'Sage' and Kindshows for booking us- headlining acts included The Wailers and Hypnotic Clambake.  Cinco de Mayo at McGuinn's Place (5/5) was a smokin' Monday night show- thanks to Bill for joining in on trumpet!  The audience's love at John & Peter's (4/26) really blew us away!  The Harvest Moon (4/19) was an interesting evening- Water added a set to this show.  The Stone Pony (4/18) was as cool as ever.  It was great to meet Seth Yacovone Band and Unexplained Bacon- what a bunch of great guys.  Murray's Inn (4/17) in Wilkes-Barre, PA turned out to be a nice venue, and a great night of music.  Nice to play with Townhall again- a Jam at the Grove 3 reunion!  The Brass Lantern (4/5) was cool- good to see some old friends and make a few new ones!  Thanks also to Dakini for keeping it real.  Our Album release party at Conduit (4/4) was amazing!  Special thanks to Mighty Suns and Face for opening up the show.  Kelly's (3/15) was a crazy show- we dug up a few songs that we thought we'd never play again!  It was cool to see all of you at McGuinn's (3/13).  Special thanks to our old friend Jesse Kaminski (lyricist of Sage originals Love Your Mother and Endless Journey) for sitting in on lead vocals for a few numbers!  You rocked!  The Stone Pony (2/22) was an outrageous success!  Thanks to Juggling Suns, Scarecrow Collection, and everyone who made it back to the Berkeley for making that night a memorable one.  Our show at John & Peter's (2/8) was amazing.  We've never seen that place so full of energy and life- thanks for coming!  The Fire (1/24) with Caveman and Gutbucket was a righteous time.  Our last minute show at McGuinn's (1/18) was tons of fun!  It was great to be back playing live in the '03.

       Live Double Disc Recording Sessions - Winter 2002:  Sage played 2 sets live at SweetCreek and recorded the new live double disc album for a live studio audience.  Mixdown and release is sceduled for Spring 2003.


       Fall 2002:  We've got to give it up for all of the people who came out and supported the band at SweetCreek Studios (12/14 & 12/19) in Ottsville, PA.  Your presence really made a difference for us laying down tracks in the studio.  Thanks again!  We played 2 sets in Reading, PA at The Brass Lantern (12/7); what a warm reception we got!  The day before Thanksgiving at McGuinn's (11/27) was a truly awesome night.  Our first show at The UnderPass (11/22) in Elmwood Park, NJ was a good night of music.  We played with Scarecrow Collection a great band from up in that area.  Good old John & Peter's (11/16), our home away from home was fun as always!  Our friends Good Soul opened up and rocked the house!  We had just about Sage's busiest night of music ever playing at Sovereign Bank Arena and Conduit (11/1).  We performed a set before the Trenton Titans hockey game and a song at intermission!  Afterwards, we headed across the street to Conduit to perform 2 sets!  Thanks to all of the Titans fans for their great enthusiasm!  Halloween night at McGuinn's (10/31) rocked!  It was really cool to see all of your costumes- big ups to the winner of the costume contest!  We had a great show at the Halloween Bonfire (10/25).  Although it was a little wet, we raged through the raindrops.  Good vibes were felt by all!  It was a great pleasure to make our first return to Joe's Mill Hill (10/24) in several months.  Our new friends Face added a set to this fantastic show.  Saturday (10/19) we returned to the warm snuggly atmosphere of John & Peter'sJpat's friendly acoustic set helped make this more fun than a two ton twinkie.  We played at Kelly's (10/18) in Doylestown, PA with our friends Nomadic Design.  It was a treat to play with those fellas- they really know how to get down!

       August/September 2002:  Thanks to the Supranowicz's and Ken Campbell for inviting us to Conorfest (9/28) again this year.  Playing outside on that beautiful farm in Hilltown was a pure pleasure.  The Fire (9/26) in Philadelphia with
Ray's Music Exchange was a groovy night of music.  Mad Happy was amazing, and we'll definitely be checking them out again.  Our show at McGuinn's Place (9/12) evolved into a Slim Jenkins' Brand New Shoe show which featured Jesse Wagner of The Happy Dog, and much improvisational experimentation.  We had a lot of fun.  Tobacco Road (8/30) with Nomadic Design and Reckoning was a great time.  Sage performed 3 SETS at Kelly's (8/24).  Got to give respect to Jim Seward of Grass Backwards who really did a great job between sets.  Those who made it out to McGuinn's (8/9) and John & Peter's (8/10) were treated to special shows by Slim Jenkins' Global Attitude featuring Tim, Gabe, Tree, and Jesse Wagner on guitar.  Jesse appeared courtesy of The Happy Dog.  Marc had a dental emergency and was out of commission for the weekend.  We apologize to the people who came out for Sage, and hope that you had a good time anyway!

       Jam at the Grove 3 (7/27/02) was an amazing success!    We really appreciate all of the hard work put forth by so many amazing people.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks as well to the performers at the festival.  They included: Sage, Townhall, Metagroove, Dakini, Whogasta, Jones, Jpat, Scotty Bevilacqua, Grass Backwards, DJ Bob, DJ Dynomite, and DJ Dogchow.


       Summer 2002: Our set at the 10th annual HexFest on Saturday (7/13) was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Steve Walker and the Hexfest staff for making this such a memorable weekend.  We have to give thanks to the Independent Merchant's Association of New Hope and Bob Gerenser for letting us play on the rooftop of Gerenser's Ice Cream as part of the town's 4th of July Celebration.  It was one of the coolest things we've ever done!  It was a historic event: the first time a band has ever played on a rooftop in New Hope, PA.  We had a blast.  Our two night stand Friday and Saturday night at John & Peter's (6/14, 6/15) was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Our openers Jpat on Friday night and Jim Seward on Saturday night rocked the house, and brought great energy to the room.  We unearthed a lot of songs from our catalog and threw in a few suprises here and there.  The audiences were just fantastic!  The Bonfire (6/8) was a night to remember!  We've got to give it up to Devon, Sarah, and their folks for throwing the party.  Our 2 sets included jams with DJ Bob on the wheels, Aaron on hand drum, and a didjerido player.  Thanks for the support at our first show at The North Star in Philadelphia on Thursday night (6/6).  This place is an outstanding venue to see live music.  It was a pleasure to play with Emergent Evolution and the Kwait Brothers.

       May 2002:  Sage headed up to upstate New York Memorial Day weekend (5/27) to the Scotty Paluza 7.0 Intergalactic Space Carnival.  The music and the vibes were great- thanks to everyone who came out to see us Saturday afternoon!  Our Cinco de Mayo show at Conduit with The Wailers was an amazing night.  The positive vibrations were awe inspiring, and you could actually see the love flowing through the entire audience.  We've got to give props to Conduit for the respect and the opportunity to play with these living legends.  Also, our show at John & Peter's (5/4) rocked!  We even dusted off a few oldies we haven't played in a while.  Thanks to everyone who made it out to these shows!

       April 2002:  We had fun playing a set with Dakini at The Brass Lantern (4/27).  Their keyboard player Nate joined us for a very interesting version of Tree's Jam.  For a CD of this set, email us.  McGuinn's (4/20) was an awesome night of music.  Whogasta gave a great performance.  We closed the night with a mammoth Funky Bitch jam featuring members of both bands.  It was truly something special.  The entire night is now available on CD through Whogasta and Sage.  To claim your FREE CD, email us.  We had a great time at Conduit (4/16) playing with Deep Banana Blackout.  They were a lot of fun.  John & Peter's (4/6) was a blast.  We've got to give it up to Dakini for playing such a righteous opening set and bringing the love from two and a half hours away!  Check out the setlist!  Thanks to everyone who came out to the UPenn AIDS Benefit (3/26) at Houston Hall.  It was a great night!  We have to give props to Jessica and Zoe for doing such a great job of organizing the event.  Together with The Electric Love Apparatus and For Sale, Sage helped raise over $350 for AIDS charities in PA.  To learn what you can do to help, click here


       The Lost Album Tour- February/March/April 2002:  Our new album that we labored over for months was destroyed by a careless engineer who had no experience with digital recording.  Fortunately, we didn't quit, and did end up re-recording!  The first show of the infamous tour was at Kelly's in Doylestown, PA on Saturday, March 2nd.  Recent acts include Ween, Uncle Sammy, Fat Apple, and Wineskin.  Next was The Stone Pony on Friday, March 8th with Brown and Sprout.  Following this, Sage played an all ages show Tuesday, March 12th with The Zen Tricksters at Conduit!  Those guys really tore it up!  Tuesday, March 26th we played a benefit for UPenn AIDS Awareness WeekThe Electric Love Apparatus and For Sale joined us in this charity event.  We brought it all back home with a show at John & Peter's on April 6th with Dakini.  It's always good to play for FREE in the comfy confines of New Hope, PA.  April 16th we headed back to Conduit, this time to support Deep Banana Blackout!  The tour culminated in a celebration of life, music and jah love on Saturday, April 20th with our annual 420 Party.  This year it was held at McGuinn's Place in Lawrenceville, NJ with Whogasta.  The entire night (4/20) is available on CD- contact us for details.  Our show at The Khyber (2/2/02) was awesome!  Antigone Rising, Silvertide, and Love Syndicate brought down the house!

       December 2001:  Our holiday celebration on the 26th at John & Peter's was a wild and unpredictable night.  A great time was had by all who came out to Joe's Mill Hill on the 22nd.  We also played at The Grape Street Pub on the 20th.  It was awesome to play alongside Reid Genauer (formerly of Strangefolk), and Aaron Katz Band which included members of Percy Hill.  It was a night we will not soon forget.  Check out the setlists from these shows!

       Jimmy Cliff Show - December 19th, 2001:  Opening for Jimmy Cliff at Conduit was one of the most exciting experiences we've ever had together.  He is truly a living legend.  Thanks to everyone who made it out to this event- the positivity was overwhelming.  Also, Jimmy really tore it up!  What an amazing night- we're still in awe.

       November 2001: The Stone Pony (11/10) exceeded all standards.  It was awesome to see all of the support from the Sage family- especially wacky was the first appearance of the mysterious giant mushroom!  We'll definitely be back there sometime soon!  Check out the setlist!  RANA, Persun and Liz Wojtal raised the roof; it was fun to perform alongside them in a nice big room like the Pony.  Thanks to everyone who made it out to The Grape Street Pub on Halloween night.  There was a great vibe in the place, lots of awesome costumes, and the other bands: Silvertide, The Ally and Metagroove were amazing- check out their sites.

       September 2001:  Thank you to everyone who made it out to our benefit show at McGuinn's (9/14/01).  With your generous contributions, we raised $420 for the American Red Cross.  We also raised $40 at Joe's Mill Hill (9/22/01).  We hope that our contribution, though small, can in some way help in the valiant relief efforts.  From the entire Sage family, we offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of our nation's horrible tragedy.  United, we can make it through this with grace, strength, and dignity.


       Summer 2001 - Jam at the Grove 2:  The second Jam at the Grove was held on July 21-22 2001 at Tower Farms in Bucks County, PA.  Nearly 1000 people attended and together made a magical atmosphere.  Sage along with The Ally, Mickey Finn, oDis, The Happy Dog, and Jim Seward tore it up.  The musical performances and diversity of the artist's styles attracted all kinds of people.  The party continued long into the night with DJs spinning every style imaginable.

       Spring 2001:  The band's new website is born- thanks to Jarret Abello and Jason Flager!  Check out the vintage Happy Day/Lots of Fun intro here.

       December 2000: It's been a very busy fall for the band.  We've played every weekend for the last few months, and we're looking forward to January when we can retool and rework some of our catalog of songs.  The band has a pile of back burner originals waiting to come out in February and March.  It looks like December 9th at the Country Tavern is going to be awesome!  There's good food, drink specials, and surprises in store for everyone who comes... besides, its FREE!  We had a great time playing this weekend- on Friday, we played at McGuinn's and did the Velvet Underground's Rock & Roll for the 1st time.  On Saturday, we played at Marita's Cantina with Divine Afflatus.


       Summer 2000 - Jam at the Grove:  Jam at the Grove was created by Sage and friends in order to bring together some of the region's finest musical acts, and to show that people can still enjoy music and each other's company in peace and harmony with nature.  The first Jam was held at Doylestown's Maennerchor Field on August 12-13 2000.  It was quite a show, featuring Sage, The Ally, Electric Jellyfish, Cairo, Philly Funk Authority, Mickey Finn, and James Seward.


       It all began in February 2000, as Marc Gallo entered the Now and Then shop in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  A skilled guitar player from the age of 13, Gallo had been looking for a group of musicians to play with.  Similarly, Tim Nayfield, a clerk at the shop, had been yearning to start a band.  Tim had been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 17, and when Marc asked him if there were any local musicians to jam with, he leapt at the opportunity to join forces.
       At the other end of the cosmos, Gabe Rohmann and Dave Ryden had been desperately trying to form a band of their own.  Gabe, a drummer since the age of 10, had played in numerous groups with bassist Dave including Grass and Tres Huevos, but these projects had dissipated, leaving each with a musical void.  Both were eager to play in a band where all members were equal, and everyone was on the same page musically.
       Weeks later, the original jam band Sage was formed, a hybrid of funk, rock, blues, and improvisation.  As Tim, Gabe, and Dave had been friends for years, the union was natural.  Sage has performed all over the northeast entertaining diverse audiences with their contagious grooves and improvisations.  From 2000-2003, Sage organized and headlined its own annual outdoor festival, Jam at the Grove, luring hundreds of music fans to Bucks County, PA.  With the help of its shows, the band's website, and live concert and studio recordings, people young and old have embraced Sage's music.  The band's philosophy is to remain faithful to the spirit of musical exploration while always providing a tangible base from which to experiment.  Our feeling is that exclusion and negativity fracture the human soul, and that music can bridge the gap between all people.  We sincerely feel that music can change the world.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the band, email us!

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