Sage is a rock band that uniquely blends a prowess for dirty drum and bass driven funk of the 1970's with powerful guitar glam rock of the 1980's, yet modernizes it all with passionate singing, catchy songwriting and the pulsing, flowing beats of today.  The energy created by this group of musicians has prompted the media to proclaim: "This band is not to be missed!"
       The band went down to the crossroads in mid-2005, and came up with the album Up From Below.  With the idea of creating something fresh sounding and different than what anyone has heard live, the band utilized a horn section on 2 tracks, synthesizers, percussion, an electronic drum set.  Meticulously mixed and produced over a 3 month period, Sage: Up From Below is a rich illustration of what the band can accomplish in a recording studio, and a full realization of Sage's musical vision.

Sage is...

Gabe Rohmann: Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Electronic Drums & Effects, Synthesizer
Tim Nayfield: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Dave "Tree" Ryden: Bass Guitar, Piano
Chris Bizzarro: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marc Gallo: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Download Sage's Online Press Kit

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